DHL Tracking Number Format

DHL Tracking Number Format Tracking your parcel shipping will be the next part of good shipping after sending the parcel by a service. Using dhl service in shipping the parcel can be a good choice.

You will get tracking number including dhl tracking number format for those who comes from united kingdom.

Why is it so important to have right tracking number? It is because the tracking number will help to check whether or not you parcel has been delivered to the receiver or not.


You may also know the progress of shipping process for your parcel so that you should not worry about that.

There are some things you have to know about tracking number for United Kingdom. It will be little bit different since other country will have different tracking code format. So, let’s check out what we can find here.

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DHL Tracking Number Format

  1. The tracking code for dhl tracking number format will be in 10 digits.You need to pay attention on the comma or instruction you get in tracking column.
  2. The column can be checked on the page of dhl service. You can check it better with make a specific location of state you want to know.
  3. You need to know the type of shipment you use for the checking so it will be easy to track the goods delivery in shipping.

In this United Kingdom service, you need to have 10 digits of number for the tracking code from dhl service.

Why it is important to know the format is because dhl service provides two types of formats for the tracking number.

  1. The first one is like dhl tracking number formatnwhich uses 10 digits number that is matched with the waybill number.
  2. The second one is 13 digits number with some 2 or 3 letters in the first type before the number. It exists for other certain countries so that you may not fail in checking the code.

After knowing the right formats for dhl service, it is better for you to learn how it works in your country. Or if you use the shipping service for other countries, make sure that the information about tracking number for your goods has been understood very well.

You need to know better especially if you ship the parcel or goods for your customer and you are a seller. It will influence you as the service can be guaranteed or not. As the information about dhl tracking number format above, you may learn a lot about shipping.

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Shipping goods to others will not only talk about high quality service from a brand of shipping service.

You need to know also about how the process of checking better with better instructions to understand, including in this article, you learn about formats of dhl tracking number format which is different from other countries.

You can know how the tracking process works with some process of online checking. In the end, please check you get the right tracking number to help you track your good shipping.

DHL Tracking Number Not Found ?

Shipping some goods to another country can be tracked easily with the tracking number system. It is available for everyone who does the shipping including by Dhl. Recently, there is also an issue talks about dhl tracking number not found which becomes very much controversial.

Many people face this kind of problem and try to make the way out because the tracking system cannot be done well.

Meanwhile, talking about tracking system by using tracking number is one benefit of dhl shipping service. It makes the user easier to know the progress of shipping by knowing where the goods location currently.

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If you have any customer waiting for their parcel by dhl service you use, it is better for you to learn about tracking system for the service.

Usually, you will be given the tracking number for the goods. After that, if you want to make sure the shipping is on the right track and process, you can search the location of your goods here by visiting the tracking system via online.

Relating to the previous problem before about dhl tracking number not found, there are some things you should know. The service has done their reparation system but still the result hasn’t been there yet.


Usually, the problem can be detected when the tracking still works since the first time the goods being shipped. But, when it reaches certain miles in shipping, the tracking number cannot be detected in this case for aliexpress. There might be some problems that should be on recovery. Here are some things you should know if this problem emerges.

  1. Please wait for a while after you do tracking for your goods shipping. Put the tracking number again and do the checking after some moments.
  2. If the result is still dhl tracking number not found, you may ask the customer service for this.
  3. Please do what the instructions come from your customer service and finish the tracking.

Actually, the tracking number of dhl service will have some formats. The formats here should be remembered as well so that you will not be confused.

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You need to know also that the format might be different for different regions. So, let’s pay attention to some points below. Probably, it may help you to solve the problem of dhl tracking number not found in typing the numbers.

  1. The format will be Waybill number with 10 digits of number. It might be various based on the code it is given.
  2. The next one is the format with 13 digits. It is the digit with 2 or 3 letters comes first before the numbers. After that, 13 numbers will follow it.

So, this is the information you need to know about the tracking number for this service. If the problem of dhl tracking number not found can’t still be solved yet, please ask the CS of the service. It is better also for you to pay attention on the formats so it will not be wrong.