DHL Tracking Number Not Found

DHL Tracking Number Not Found – DHL uses the special tracking number that is given to the customers. This number is used to know where the package is and whether it is received by the people in your package’s destination.

However, sometimes you may find some problems with this tracking number such as DHL tracking number not found or not detected.


Therefore, when it happens to you, you better know about why the tracking number in not found and know about the solution for it.

Some customers complain that they cannot check their package because when they want to check, there is written ‘not found’ in the tracking number column check which means that the tracking number data is not found.see also DHL Tracking Number Not Working Amazon

DHL Tracking Number Not Found

If it happens at the first time, you may be panicked and think that the packages will not be received in your destination. Actually, you should not be panicked.


It can be because the tracking number is not entered to the DHL tracking server database site, so that when you check the tracking number, it tells you like the DHL tracking number not found.

Checking from unofficial sites

Beside the factor above, there are many factors that make the DHL tracking number not found. To check the trucking number, it is better for you to check it in the official site of the DHL that your packages are sent or by using the official mobile application which can be downloaded from the PlayStore in your smart devices.see also DHL Tracking Number Format International


Beside that the database server is not entered your tracking number, it can be because there is an error in the server of your DHL company that can cause your tracking number is not found there.

It does not only because an error, but also it may be the DHL server is on maintenance or upgrading the system so whether you want to check the tracking number or just access the site, you will not be able to operate it there.

Checking within 24 hours

The other factor is you have to check the tracking number after more than 24 hours after you send it to the DHL Company.

If you check the tracking number within 24 hours after you send it, then you will not definitely be able to check your tracking number because the number is not entered yet to the DHL database server. see also How to Find DHL Package without Tracking Number

Therefore, you have to check it after 24 hours to get the perfect timing and you will not get the DHL tracking number not found in your checking column.

Typing the wrong number

In addition, to avoid the ‘not found’ notification when you are checking your tracking number, you have to make sure that you type the right number in the checking site because the ‘DHL tracking number not found’ will appear if you type the wrong number, even only a number, it is very crucial so you should be careful when you want to check it.

Also, you have to use the stable network connection when you try to check the tracking number because it will feel difficult to check it when you do not have a good internet connection.

The safe and secure network connection also takes a crucial part when you want to check the tracking number.see also How Long for DHL Tracking Number to Work

You will not find the tracking number if your connection are unsafe and unsecure because the server will detect it as the unsafe operation.


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