DHL Tracking Number Not Recognised

DHL & Fedex Express Tracking Number

DHL Tracking Number Not Recognised – If you are looking for service delivery which has higher integrity and professionality, as well has no flaw, it might be difficult to find out.

Yet, if you are looking for technology supported service which is known for their professionality and customer satisfaction, the service delivery you have to choose is the DHL express delivery.

Known as international shipping, courier-independent, and packaging service, DHL tend to give you more than average satisfaction, as customer.

How professional it is, however, there is still some error reported in the middle of shipping, while one case often being reported is about the DHL tracking number not recognised.

As a technology-based service, the tracking number of each items owned by DHL is set randomly by the system, in which there will be no similar code among shipments.

DHL Tracking Number Not Recognised

DHL Tracking Number Not Recognised

The tracking number consist of ten-digit numeric number, mostly, such as 9999 9999 99, while it is also possible to have less than or more than the given number.Related posts DHL Global Forwarding Tracking Phone Number

In the other hand, the tracking number also possibly consist of alphanumeric character, or combination of numeric and alphabet, which include up to 35-long character.

Ever since tracking number takes an important role to recheck your shipment status, it would be pretty damageable if the DHL tracking number not recognised by the system.


When you are inputting the tracking number into the website system of DHL, and it shows that your DHL tracking number not recognised, there are several possible reasons on why it can happen. As tracking number consists of random structured code, it is possible to type the wrong order of code.

If this case happen, there are two possible things, your tracking number may not recognised by the tracking system because there are no particular items named after the false tracking number you typed.

Otherwise, you can also find out different items appears on your screen, the items not yours, because you type the wrong code which refers to another shipment.Related posts What Do DHL Tracking Numbers Start With

Based on the Frequent Asked Question provided by DHL, the cause of DHL tracking number not recognised mostly because the customer type down the wrong tracking code either type in different sequence.

In the other hand, if your package has already arrived at the destination, the tracking number also might not recognised too. Yet, if both cases do not happen, just feel free to ask help from customer service who are willing to help.

Thus, to prevent your DHL tracking number not recognised by the system, it will be better to copy and paste the tracking number to reduce the probability to type the wrong sequence.

On the DHL website, open the tracking menu to check your tracking number, and then copy the tracking number.Related posts DHL Global Mail Tracking Number Doesn’t Work

After that, visit the tracking menu on the same website, and the paste the tracking number you have already copied before. In the end, since the tracking number is only consist of ten-digit code, make sure to type the right sequence while checking the latest status of your shipment.

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