How DHL Tracking Number Looks Like

DHL & Fedex Express Tracking Number

How DHL Tracking Number Looks Like – When it comes to service delivery, the tracking number is an important thing you need to save, all the time, so you are able to check the status of your shipment and package.

Tracking number actually a kind of numbers and letters combination to make a unique format owned by each shipment as identity. By tracking number, you are able to identify your own shipment, among huge number of shipments, and also able to trace where the location of your shipment is.

Actually, each delivery services have their own unique formats tracking number, as well depends on the types of shipment, too.

So, if you are asking about how DHL tracking number looks like, you need to check this article up to the last paragraph.Another Related Posts How to Track DHL Courier without Tracking Number

The answer of how DHL tracking number looks like, come along with the delivery services given by DHL which supports the ISO standard 15459-1 as carrier-independent.

How DHL Tracking Number Looks Like

How DHL Tracking Number Looks Like

It means, each single packages delivered by DHL has their own unique number as identification, also known as tracking number.

As explained before, the tracking number can be combination of number and alphabet, which consist of up to 35 long of alphanumeric characters.Another Related Posts How to Track DHL Package Without Tracking Number

By then, as DHL already used the ISO standard, this professional delivery service does not need additional identifiers to help their customer, instead of the only tracking number itself.


The tracking number of DHL could be consists of a ten-digit alphanumeric character long or Waybill number. This tracking number used as a primary identifier based on the number of things you deliver, which is also possible to ship multiple pieces into one destination.

There is also another format of DHL tracking number which consist of thirteen-digit alphanumeric character.

This tracking number starts with certain code based on the shipper or another condition, and used as additional identifiers to track your individual pieces. Thus, the estimation on how DHL tracking number looks like.Another Related Posts DHL Tracking Number Not Updating

Besides the listed tracking number explained before, there are also another version on how DHL tracking number looks like, based on different sources.

For example, if you are shipping for packet shipment, the tracking number consist of twelve-digit numerical character, or it can be sixteen-digit alphanumeric character.

If you are using an appropriate tracking number for your shipment, you are able to check and trace your status of shipment through the tracking tool provided on the DHL’s website. Thus, you are also capable to know the time estimation when the shipment will arrive on your place.

In the end, if you are not a regular customer of DHL either a new customer, you might wonder how DHL tracking number looks like, so here are several unique format of DHL tracking number you might get.Another Related Posts DHL Tracking Number Format

  1. The DHL tracking number might consist of 10-digi, 12-digit, up to 35-character long based on the type of shipment or service delivery that you use.
  2. The DHL tracking number is a unique format selected by system so it can be a random character.
  3. The DHL tracking number consist of combination of alphabet and number, known as alphanumeric character.

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