How To Find Tracking Number On DHL Receipt

How To Find Tracking Number On DHL Receipt – Tracking number is essential to track the shipment, so then you know the current status of the package movement. Both the sender and the recipient are so curios about when the package will arrive to its destination.

Despite DHL provides many ways to track the shipment, before you are able to obtain information through its tracking tool, you need DHL tracking number.


Less people know that DHL tracking can be found on DHL receipt. And in case that you, too, have no idea about how to find tracking number on DHL receipt, read the passage the on.

The time you handover the shipment to DHL, you will get proof of delivery which contains DHL receipt number that is also known as tracking number that you can use to track your package via online tracking, email, mobile device and more.

How To Find Tracking Number On DHL Receipt

However, the question is that, how to find tracking number on DHL receipt? Not that difficult, in fact, but below are some ways to know, in case that you are curious,Related posts Find DHL Tracking Number By Address

  1. Define your status, are you the receiver of the shipment or the shipper?
  2. If you are the shipper, find your DHL receipt now, and locatethe unique 10 numbers above the barcode.
  3. If you are the recipient, directly ask you sender about the tracking number.

True, if you say that how to find tracking number on DHL receipt, actually, is easy. Keep in mind, however, if you are the recipient of the package.

You have the right to ask the tracking number to your sender, still you have to be aware that your senders can’t provide the tracking number right away for several procedures they have to deal with.

First, they need to complete the package process, and second, the package should be arrived to DHL office to order the shipment. After the shipping process is done, and your senders receive DHL receipt, you can request the tracking number.


There are several factors you have to consider if you want to know how find tracking number on DHL receipt, if your status is the recipient of the package. You know, unexpected things sometimes become the hurdles for you to find the tracking number, for instance,Related posts How Often Does DHL Tracking Update

  • The shipment usually cannot be proceeded if it is national holiday.
  • It is also not viable to request package delivery on Sunday. On another words, you have to press down your curiosity toward the shipment for awhile until the business days.

Right after you understand how to find tracking number on DHL receipt and have the tracking number on your hand, note the below mentioned;

  1. For some reasons, you need to wait until 24 hours after the shipment before the system can display the information of your shipment.
  2. Ensure that you have the tracking number with you, at least until the package is safely delivered to its destination. Such a case where the package is not delivered to you, yet the status is delivered, it isn’t rare. And if it happens, you can use the tracking number to confirm your situation to DHL or your sender.

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