Is Wood Packing DHL Express Charges

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Is Wood Packing DHL Express Charges – For shipping packages of goods such as electronic products smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops via Dhl Express delivery services would be better if they are equipped with security features insurance..

In the event of damage during the shipping process or package the goods are lost then will be replaced by the Dhl..

Not only the shipping insurance of electronic goods and some other categories of goods will also be better to use a packaging system with a wooden packing.Why Does Dhl Shipping Take So Long

With protected packing timber shipment will be guaranteed his safety during the shipping process. To create a packing timber packing can be done in person before being handed over to the Dhl Express or ask for help Dhl officer at the branch office to do the packing timber..

Is Wood Packing DHL Express Charges

Is Wood Packing DHL Express Charges

What then is the use of wood packing Dhl Express charged extra?
The answer is “No.How to Take Office Package Shipments in Dhl

From the official description of the wooden packing costs nothing special, just with the use of wood as a protective items to be sent necessarily add to the total weight of the package so that later would impact on the cost or postage..


We use mobile delivery as an example if the weight is calculated cumulative smartphone is 1 Kg then given special protection to the wood packing net weight to be calculated is 2 Kg means that no additional postage of 100%..

It Because he did the calculations every packet delivery of goods and documents based on weight per Kg does not include the cost of insurance or additional fees if the goods are considered as dangerous goods..

As for parcel goods with large size and use of protective packaging wood packing no longer counted per Kg but using a volumetric system. For example, sending a large dining table or a statue in total will be calculated how much the volume of the object and its packing timber used..Knowing How DHL Express Delivery Receipt Number

If you as the sender of the packet wants to ask for help at the concierge Dhl Express to do the packing timber on the package shipment can only be done at certain branch offices and agents. Because some agents were not able to do that because of the limitations of the property..

Though later there was an increase postage rates for using wood packing but it is much more advantageous for packages shipped goods with extra protection will ensure the goods until the condition remains good up to the destination address..

So using a packing timber for shipping goods via Dhl Express packages do not incur additional costs and other administrative expenses will only add to the total weight of the life including the possibility of adding postage rates..I hope this helps..Causes Delivery Receipt Number Dhl Not Be Tracked

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