Knowing How DHL Express Delivery Receipt Number

DHL & Fedex Express Tracking Number

Knowing How DHL Express Delivery Receipt Number – When using DHL Express delivery services forwarding or logistics features most preferred is allowed to continue or tracking a package that is being sent to see the delivery status.

This feature is also owned by DHL express courier delivery services that are currently widely used, especially in buying and selling online.

But it was not a few customers who use DHL Express delivery services do not know how to see or get the package delivery receipt number.

Here’s how to see DHL Express delivery receipt number or also called the No. e-Connote.How Complaints DHL Express Package Delivery

Knowing How DHL Express Delivery Receipt Number

When the handover process packages or goods to be delivered at DHL Express branches we usually receive an Eid or print out proof of delivery. Please look in the upper right corner of printed thick enough example in the image below.

Knowing How DHL Express Delivery Receipt Number


I gave a red circle that Dhl Express delivery receipt number that will be used for tracking or tracking delivery status.

So What if our status as a buyer??

You can ask Dhl Express delivery receipt number to the seller or the seller. It can be obtained if the order has been processed at the office Dhl Express but if the seller still in the process of packing packages of course he will not be able to give So you have a little patience to wait for the package delivered to the office Dhl Express.Why Does Dhl Shipping Take So Long

Noteworthy in this position as a buyer On Sundays or national holidays are usually office Dhl Express closed so I can not process the shipment. We must understand this day and waiting for the day work in the operating hours to obtain the receipt and delivery Dhl Express..

The receipt number also sometimes can not direct us Tracking or tracked requires at least one 24-hour because the data is processed on the database server to DHL..

Just for additional information when the delivery process is still ongoing good store receipt number Dl Express for later required in case something unexpected such as the package does not arrive so we could come to the branch office asking DHL shipping status by bringing the receipt number.

So that’s how Knowing How DHL Express Delivery Receipt Number I hope this helps..How to Take Office Package Shipments in Dhl


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