Paketzusteller bei Deutsche Post DHL

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Paketzusteller bei Deutsche Post DHL

Every morning I get up at 5 o’clock.

Then it’s still dark outside.

Then I drive While most people are still asleep by tram to the package center.

I provide for 27 years of packets, and in any season and in any weather.

My name is Thorsten – nicknamed Toni.

Everyone knows me by Toni.

I am like the baker as the doctor as the Frieseur simply part.

I’m Toni, the packages extradite and everyone knows me.

Officially we have service beginning at 7am, we come together a little earlier, and even talk a bit.

The challenge is to deal with these huge volumes of traffic and at the same time every day, even if the baby a problem is to be friendly and really try all customers to satisfy and all this even in a period of time.

When loading, it has to go very quickly so that we can quickly leave the delivery point to as soon as possible to come into the district.

The customers know exactly when the delivery person comes, such as plus minus 20 minutes.

If we get a sign that all packets are there, I then go into my district to Gelsenkirchen-Resse and put there to packages.


Gelsenkirchen-Loveresse is a very nice area in Gelsenkirchen, including many houses, Industrial area, a small shopping street and the most important is that everyone knows everyone else, which is a very nice, small, beautiful neighborhood.

I would never swap my job, since I was not present could sit 8 hours in an office, I just need this variety, this mobility, this requirement, this cute customer contact, that’s what I need, so I like doing it.

It is very much in demand, for example, questions about my daughter, she is 11 years old, the customers have all noticed.

I had earlier show the baby pictures and now ask customers which school my visited daughter.

This sympathy is sensational.

I get each time a can of Coca-Cola paid, I get paid every time candy, which is very nice, the customers are just great.

The day is successful for me, when I tell no broadcasts.

It’s just important that the customers get their shipments and the work was fun.

From colleagues became good friends.

We start the day together and we go regularly eat or drink together.

I wish for the future me everything stays as it is and the DHL remains as successful and the DHL still can set a lot of people and all customers continue to be satisfied with me.

Thanks Thorsten.

Source: Youtube